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2 Face 2
2 Face 2
2 Face 2
Vital statistics
Real name: Unknown
Gender Male
Debut Appearance: Batman #700
Created By: Grant Morrison
Alternate Names: January Max
Portrayed By: N/A

2-Face-2 is a villain who uses the gimmicks of other Batman villains as his own.


2-Face-2 is a villain from a possible future where Damian Wayne is Batman. He has a tumorous second face growing out of his own that has its own malignant personality. He catches Damian Wayne's attention after he hires Max Roboto to hack into Gotham City's climate control system and begins to expose Gotham City to laughing-gas. Max Roboto is interrogated by Damian, leading him to 2-Face-2's hideout in the Sewers. Along the way, he is attacked by policemen who were turned into Monster Men. 2-Face-2 reveals that he has an infant Terry McGinnis infected with laughing-gas and an elderly Professor Carter Nichols hostage, and wants the Joker's Jokebook, which had been left with Professor Carter Nichols years before and was recovered by Dick Grayson later. He had kidnapped Terry McGinnis, thinking that he was the son of a software magnate instead of a pair of blue collar workers. Damian Wayne takes him down by dropping a machine on him, knocking him out and awakening 2-Face-2's good side.

2-Face-2 copies off of the modi operandi of old Batman-villains: his appearance and two double-headed coins reminiscient of Two-Face, his alias, January Max, harkens back to Calendar Man, the laughing-gas comes from the Joker, and the Monster Serum is taken from Dr. Hugo Strange. When Damian says that he has no ideas of his own 2-Face-2 states, "I don't invent; I innovate."