Darkseid is an immensely powerful DC villain who is considered one of Superman's greatest enemies - however he is so vast that many consider him one of the DC universe's central forces of evil.

Darkseid is a godlike alien, the ruler of his own world and quite possibly an embodiment of evil itself, this means he is capable of fighting against entire waves of superheroes and winning - he is also feared by almost all sane beings yet also has his own planet under such a terrifyingly strong hold that his people literally worship him as "God".

Due to his power and status as a major Superman foe he has appeared in countless comic books, animated series and live-action adaptations - some of the more memorable being Justice League, Superman and Smallville.

See Also

  • Darkseid/Brainiac (merged form of Darkseid and Brainiac, exclusive to the animated DC universe and main antagonist of Justice League episode "Destroyer")